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Hollow Sections

Are you in the market for steel hollow sections in Melbourne with plenty of stock ready to go? Look no further. We have tonnes! 

Get access to one of the largest range of steel hollow sections and other structural steel products in Melbourne.

With over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience. Melsteel continues to provide Victorian based building and construction companies with all their structural steel requirements.

Steel hollow sections are ideal for a wide variety of residential, industrial, agricultural or commercial applications. Available in a variety of steel sizes they are idea for applications like fence posts, rails, bearings for flooring, decking, bridges, buildings, houses and a myriad of other construction options.

No matter the size of your upcoming steel project, whether it’s a simple Home DIY project to complex custom steel fabrications. We currently have Galvanised (SHS steel), Primed (RHS steel), Primed (SHS steel), Galvanised (CHS steel), Primed (CHS steel) in stock, ready for your custom steel fabrication or fast delivery to your work site. 

We’ve built up over 30 years of industry knowledge, experience and partnerships, allowing us to provide tonnes of steel at competitive prices and most importantly, this means your projects are completed on time and on budget. 

Give us a call on 03 8794 3100 for a fast free quote or buy your steel channel online.

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